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About Course

From 4th September to 30th October for 8 weeks. Two hour LIVE sessions on Sundays.

Writing comes naturally to some and is painstakingly difficult for others. What is the difference? How can you transition from one group to the other? This course will help participants make the transition with exercises, challenges, and insights. This is an elaborate course — spanning 2 hour sessions across 8 weeks. Across the sessions participants will write on deadlines, learn to critique, and daydream to compose passages extempore…

Before being an art, writing is a craft. With practice and learnt cues, routines can be built and goals can be chased. With the group, I will introduce ways to do so.

Reflection and individuation are processes that occur together. But individuation and individualism do not go hand in hand. In fact the closer we are to ourselves, the more we can see ourselves in others and others in ourselves. Reflective writing is a way of understanding and unravelling the world around us. Creating literary value (whatever that is) and seeding genuine insight are not the same thing either. One is the pursuit of refinement in aesthetics and the other is the pursuit of personal truth.

So is reflective writing a purely philosophical pursuit? Not really. It is also inquiry and it is also a creative act in some way. Creative means creating new ways of looking at the world or creating new connections between existing perspectival points to create new sources of joy.

What Will You Learn?

  • Write regularly
  • Chase deadlines and personal goals
  • Peer critique
  • Self critique
  • Compose passages extempore
  • Read steadily for inspiration

Course Content

1 — Making a start

  • “The importance of description and setting” (A text by Ron Rozelle)
  • Description & setting expansion

2 — Staying the course

3 — Gymming your imagination

4 — Courting adventure

5 — Knowing the unknowns

6 — Always almost peaking (but never quite)

7 — Excavating memories

8 — Embracing fiction & befriending non-fiction

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