Thinking counter-intuitively

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About Course

From 9th July to 3rd September for 8 weeks. Two hour LIVE sessions on Saturdays.

The world is not a purely rational space. There are aspects which can be understood and sequences which can be performed only by going into a irrational state of mind. Poetry is considered irrational by some, art is considered irrational by others…

These concepts cannot be defined without a practice as a frame of reference and context. In an environment when there is a crisis, solutions are not going to emerge only from logic and a rational world view. What is casually called ‘out of the box’ thinking is thinking in a way that is not expected or easy, in a way that is not intuitive.

In this course, different methods of thinking are introduced and practiced.


What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to think in unpredictable ways and clear blocks/solve problems and generate ideas
  • Exercises to practice these new thinking styles
  • Methods to trigger and simulate these new thinking modes for practice

Course Content

Thinking intuitively and its limits

  • Seeing the world as it is not
  • How we think: the divided brain
  • The limits of intuition

Introduction to thinking counter-intuitively

Being vague

Being poetic

Thinking analogically

Game theory as a problem-solving method

Exercises and final project

Conclusion and questions

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