Gardeners & Cooks Writing Studio

A moderated weekly writing workshop
650 (inc. GST) / month


Every Sunday at 5:00 pm

A moderated writing community ought to do a few things well. It ought to offer you regular motivation and feedback. And it ought to offer a sense of belonging to offset the painful isolation of practice. Moderation ensures that new exercises are presented every time and that every participant receives as well as offers feedback. The moderator will also introduce the idea and format of helpful/constructive feedback and work with all the participants to use the same.

This practitioner-level workshop is meant for individuals who are mentally prepared to be regular with their writing commitments. That means before signing up please be sure that you have the time that the workshop demands (10 hours/month). The workshop will have regular weekly meetings. It will have a maximum of fifteen (15) members only. Each live conversation will be one hundred and fifty minutes long (2.5 hours) to ensure that each member gets ten minutes to discuss their work.

Think of this workshop-mode course as a purpose-built community for writers to make sure they meet their goals and targets. You might want to complete a novel? Produce consistently for an online writing project or even write a journal regularly? Personal goals deserve to be honoured and the workshop helps you do it.

Writing is not just a medicine, it is a sport. After a while spinning words into threads of language and these threads into fabric of meaning starts being enjoyable. This workshop doesn’t have a bias for any one genre of writing. Fiction or creative non-fiction, the writers in both modes are welcome. Poets might not find the workshop useful in a specific way.

Also please note, the workshop does not discuss the business of writing at all (publishing, publicity, promotion etc) and only discusses the craft of writing. Members who do not bring a manuscript to a meeting can use their time to do an exercise.

The workshop has two kinds of materials attached — motivational/inspirational readings and prompts/exercises. Neither of these are time-bound and can be used whenever you may want to or need to. I look forward to experiencing a healthy sense of community with the participants of this workshop.

Facilitated by Prayas Abhinav

Portrait of Prayas Abhinav

Prayas Abhinav is a writer, teacher and entrepreneur. He has worked in the last few years on numerous pieces of speculative fiction, software, games, interactive installations, public interventions and curatorial projects.
He has written extensively on poetic thought as a form of lingual communication. He contributed to research and projects at northeastwestsouth (n.e.w.s) (Amsterdam, NL). He has conducted workshops at CEPT University (Ahmedabad), Dutch Art Institute (Arnhem, NL), MICA (Ahmedabad) and National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad & Bangalore). In the past he led the Centre for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA) at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore. Across the last year and a half he drove the development of a volunteerism project at Ahmedabad University.
He has developed his research and practice with the support of fellowships by Sarai, Openspace, CEMA and TED. He has been in residencies at Khoj (India), Coded Cultures (Austria) and dis-locate (Japan). He has shared his work at festivals including Transmediale, 48c, Futuresonic, ISEA and Wintercamp.
Prayas Abhinav’s reflective writing pieces can be read here, here and here.
B2 Shree Krishna Apartments,
Behind LAD Society,
Nr Judges Bungalows,
Ahmedabad – 380054
M: 9825406131

What Will I Learn?

  • Regular feedback
  • A rich library of motivational and inspirational materials as well as writing prompts/exercises
  • An audience for your works-in-progress
  • A format of constructive feedback that everyone follows
  • Light moderation to ensure everyone gets at least ten minutes to discuss their work

Topics for this course


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Course Details

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Categories: PerennialWriting
  • Total Hour: 10h
  • Total Enrolled: 12
  • Last Update: October 17, 2021

Material Includes

  • Weekly 2.5 hour meetings
  • Personal attention
  • Reading material, prompts and exercises


  • Regular participation
  • Constant engagement

Target Audience

  • Writers
  • Aspiring Writers
  • Students
  • Designers
  • Eclectic Practitioners

About your interests

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